Whitetail Deer Hunting

All our whitetail deer hunts are 100% fair chase hunts and take place on private, well-managed farms in Richland and Ashland counties which are two of Ohio’s top counties for producing trophy whitetails. Corn, soybeans, alfalfa and a variety of other crops allow these animals to pack on the antler mass and body size that make them coveted trophies among sportsmen across the continent. Our deer hunts take place rain or shine in box stands, ground blinds, hang-on and climbing tree stands depending on weather conditions, deer movement and ability or comfort level of the hunter. Food plots and bait/mineral stations are utilized all season but especially late season when deer are trying to build up fat stores to get them through our frigid winters.

Ohio whitetail deer hunting

Guided Hunts for Youth

Full Bore Outfitters puts a large amount of focus into our youth hunting, as they are the future of our sport. These hunts take place from our elevated box stands, ground blinds, and double ladder stands where the youth and his/her guardian can safely share the experience. There are no minimum scores or trophy standards associated with youth hunts here as we believe it would take away from this great opportunity to light the fire in our next generation of hunters.

We are game monitoring 24/7/365 with the aid of dozens of trail cameras so we know what deer are in the area and when they are moving to boost your chances of harvesting a trophy. We look forward to spending time afield with you here in the great state of Ohio and guiding you on a hunt of a lifetime.

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Whitetail Deer Hunting Photos

Whitetail Deer hunting Ohio